Jam Recipes

Put simply, home-made jam, marmalade and jelly is utterly superior to the sugary, chemical laden, commercial products available from most shops. It’s healthier, less expensive and kind to the environment too.

If you aren’t already making your own, then you are missing out!
With almost 200 hundred recipes, advice, tips, and specially commissioned photographs, Jam-Recipes provides everything you need to start making your own conserves. Whether you want to use up some surplus fruit, or you want to create delightfully packaged jams to give as presents, we have all the recipes, tips and guides you need.
If you still don’t know why you should make your own conserves, rather than buy them… 

  • Home-made jams contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives;
  • Fruit is often FREE – use surplus fruit at home, or forage for it in hedgerows;
  • It’s not complicated, and you need the minimum of equipment;
  • Reduce waste and turn old glass jars into new jam jars;
  • Use local produce and drastically reduce your ‘jam food miles’;
  • Your own jam tastes better – you made it.
  • Making conserves is fun – and after you’ve made them, you can eat them.

So, what are you waiting for, browse the recipes and have a go!

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