Rosehip and Apple Jelly
  • 910g (2lb) of ripe (red) rosehips
  • 1.9kg (4lb) apples
  • Sugar
  1. Peel and quarter the apples and place in a preserving pan.
  2. Add the rosehips to the apples in the pan, and just cover with water.
  3. Add one more pint of water and place on the stove to simmer until the fruit is soft and well cooked.
  4. Transfer to a jelly bag and leave overnight to drip into a collecting bowl.
  5. Return the collected juice to a clean preserving pan and add 450g (1lb) of sugar for every 600ml (1 pint) of juice.
  6. Boil until setting point is reached.
  7. Pour into warm prepared jars and seal well.
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