Elderflower and Gooseberry Jam

Elderflower and Gooseberry Jam
Recipe type: Jam
Cuisine: British
  • 2.7kg (6lb) gooseberries
  • 2.7kg (6lb) sugar
  • 1.1lt (2 pints) water
  • 12-15 elderflower heads
  • 15g (½oz) butter
  1. Top and tail the gooseberries.
  2. Trim off the elderflower flower heads and discard the stalks.
  3. Tie the flowers in a piece of muslin or other cloth bag.
  4. Place all of the fruit into a jam pan and cover with water.
  5. Bring to the boil over a medium heat.
  6. Add the elderflower bag to the jam mix.
  7. Allow to simmer, stirring occasionally for 30-35 minutes or until the fruit is tender.
  8. Remove from the heat and take out the elderflower bag.
  9. Squeeze the liquid out of the bag and discard the bag content.
  10. Pulp or mash the fruit in the pan.
  11. Add the sugar, stirring until fully dissolved.
  12. Add the butter.
  13. Bring back to a rolling boil, stirring frequently, for about 10 minutes.
  14. When the jam reaches setting point, skim off any scum, and pour into hot sterilized jars.
  15. Seal well.

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