Pectin Stock

When using fruits naturally low in pectin you may need to add additional pectin to make the jam set. 
You can produce your own pectin stock as follows: 
Use cooking apples, crab apples, redcurrants or gooseberries. Wash the fruit, don’t peel or core apples though, cut into small chunks if necessary, and place the fruit in a pan with around ¾ pint (450ml) of water to every 2 lbs (1kg) of fruit. Put on the stove and simmer until soft. 
Strain the fruit through a jelly bag, muslin bag or clean tea towel. Set the juice aside. Leave the fruit to cool for a few hours and then cook the pulp again with half the quantity of water. Simmer for about an hour and then strain the mixture once again, and keep the juice. 
Mix the two quantities of juice and keep it somewhere cool (to preserve it). 
About 5 fluid ounces (150ml) of this pectin stock may be added to 4lbs (2kg) of low pectin fruit to ensure a good set. 

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