Soft Fruits – Keeping Them Firm

It may sound like a contradiction to have firm ‘soft’ fruits, however fruits such as strawberries, blackberries and plums have a habit is disintegrating when you make jam. The final product often lacks recognizable pieces of fruit and becomes a uniformly textured spread. 
To preserve the shape of soft and watery fruits mix the fruits and sugar together the day before you make the jam. Weight out both ingredients and cover the fruit with the sugar in a bowl. If left overnight, the sugar will absorb much of the water from the fruit thus making it firmer and better able to withstand boiling. In the process the sugar will become a syrup – using the water extracted from the fruits. 
The final jam should then contain firm, clearly recognizable fruits. If you prefer a jam with a few fruits in a jelly-like mix, treat a proportion of your fruits this way and add the rest of them when you start the cooking. 

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